Opening Heart space by Adrià brothers and Guy la Liberte

Opening Heart space by Adrià brothers and Guy la Liberte

In Ibiza and exactly in paseo marittimo, the most luxury and VIP area of the white island the architects of elBulli and Guy Laliberté guru of the most famous show of the latest time “Circ du soleil” are partner to open a new concept restaurant in late May in Ibiza Gran Hotel, with three different concepts:

Baraka. Casual format and "hippy chic" of the 'street food markets';

The Workshop: "with a customized culinary offerings, combined with live art performance and projections;

and La Boîte "with live music, live art and food".

It is called Heart, will be located in Ibiza Gran Hotel and is the result of the alliance of two creative 'groups': the Adrià brothers and Cirque du Soleil. Or, what is the same: Ferran and Albert Adrià and Guy Laliberté. "The Collision Creative Food, Music and Art", was announced to formalize a project in which he has worked since spring 2014 and which is, in practice, several milestones: the return of Ferran Adrià to a hotel business in person,  associated with his brother Albert, who is already a partner in BCN 5.0 (along with the Iglesias brothers); the output of the Adrià brothers Barcelona's Parallel to settle in Ibiza; and the alliance of two creative philosophies, the bulliniana and Cirque du Soleil (international company headquartered in Quebec, established in 1984 reaching 150 million viewers in over 300 cities around the world).


"A new concept created by world renowned chefs Ferran and Albert Adrià, elBulli known for his restaurant three Michelin stars, and Guy Laliberté, founder of Cirque du Soleil. This new concept is the result of over ten years sharing ideas between Albert and Ferran Adrià and Guy Laliberté. Their common passion for food, music and art have led to Heart, which will open in the iconic site of Ibiza Gran Hotel ", announced this afternoon in a statement. "Heart wants to explore what happens when they collide food, music and art," detailing.

That is, gastronomy, entertainment and art coexist in a space with three different offers. So be business concepts of the three spaces "to enjoy the experience Heart":


* Baraka: "hippy chic interpretation of street food markets", A terrace where you will quote carefully selected music, live entertainment and cuisine. The space is inspired by traditional street food markets and the different flavors of the world. The Adrià brothers have designed a cuisine that will be a delight for the senses and a unique and global experience.


* The Workshop: "to experiment with art, music and food," where, as advertised, "the culinary offer is customized and enjoyed in table combines live performance art and visual stimuli projections, music cutting edge and a cuisine with the unmistakable stamp Adrià ".


* La Boîte: "live music, live art and exquisite service and gourmet food and drink". It will be "a space where the ingredients of the night's most fashionable blend uniquely with the touch and taste that only geniuses of Cirque du Soleil creativity as Adrià and could imagine."


Here you can follow the project: